Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

The application is developed by Orell Technosystems and distributed by Saamaya finance Sarl under the Skool brand and under the Eko, Tall, eTalk brands, whose head office is located in Besseke – Bonaberi in Cameroon.

Information for users Installing this application

The collection of personal data is a fundamental requirement in the trouble-free operation of this application.

Some data we collect is statistical and some is personal in nature (student information such as class, age, email id, etc.)

The necessary information is acquired (with absolute consent) from the basic constituents of the educational institution, as we target the colleges and schools of our primary buyers.

The data collected from students, teachers, the head of the establishment, digital or personal information is secure and will in no case be shared with a third party.

User rights –

Users can request to see information they previously entered into the system.

Users can rectify, modify, delete or modify the data they had provided if necessary.

Users will be kept up to date with the privacy policy and app updates.

The privacy policy will be in effect throughout the fiscal year.

The company is not responsible for the falsified data entry and therefore the erroneous result that the system may provide.

The data entered by users will only be processed, analyzed and distributed in the system as long as the institutions renew our product.

Users are encouraged to cooperate with data collection as it helps to improve customer service and personalize the experience.