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eko Campus Management Software is a comprehensive, fully integrated, suite of 24 ERP modules that automate the entire campus management activities from admission, fee administration, examination, alumni and beyond. Schooberry Suite comes with a carefully architected and enhanced front end. It automates the campus management processes thereby improving business workflows within the campus, reduces training times, increases speed and accuracy, and minimises costs. eko simplifies administrative tasks, academic management and financial operations of a school. It is used by thousands of educational institutions worldwide for all kinds of campus administration and academic related activities like admission, attendance, examinations and evaluations in a streamlined and precise manner. Right from issuing of pre-admission forms to the announcement of cut-off list, followed by the new admissions and the subsequent fee submissions, the features covered in our school ERP software help in streamlining every activity in the school. eko School ERP Solution is all-inclusive enough to give the school management a bird’s eye view of all the activities happening in the school, in real-time.


From admission to graduation and beyond, eko leverages new generation web based technologies to seamlessly integrate, streamline and manage campus procedures in a secure, stable and scalable technical environment. eko is a web based system suite crafted with well integrated technology platforms such as .NET and MS SQL RDBMS that can expand to deliver campus needs with less costs thereby driving efficiency and productivity in all the business processes across the campus. eko lets users access their information anytime and anywhere using a web browser. It’s economical to maintain and support, is easier to learn and convenient to operate. It connects students, faculty, parents, data and systems across the campus with improved service and reduced outlay.

eko ERP is the next-generation, fully integrated, end-to-end campus management solution suite. It is a one-stop solution that addresses and automates all the activities that occur across the student admission to examination and business cycle.


It is easy to install, flexible and adaptable to suit the needs of small, medium and large campuses. The automated suite of system processes are engineered to flow logically in a simplified and systemized way for maximum use delivering comprehensive information and transactions that are easily executed. eko automatically identifies roles and relationships so that students, faculty and alumni see the content and information specific to their needs when they require it and sensitive data is protected to prevent inappropriate access.


This integrated solution leverages a robust, proven and fully engineered suite of workflows that initiate industry standard business processes into the campus which in turn improves administrative efficiency, delivers operational excellence and reduces the requirement of physical resources, manual operations, errors and delays. At Skool, we constantly invest in our new generation campus management solution suite with a strong team of over 110 professionals. Investment in Schooberry to-date has surpassed well over 100 person years of development and our current development plans predict a further 50 person years of effort over the next 24 months.


Student Life-Cycle Relationship
New generation technology
Efficient & Productive
High Scalability
Seamless Integration
Remarkable Supporting System

Easy and Flexible Deployment
100% Secure
Role-Based Information
Business Process Improvement
Customer Driven Developments


Honeycomb ERP solution connects each and every department of a school to each other for better information sharing & fast retrieval of information to help in prompt decision making by the school’s management. For schools who believe in empowering its teachers, students and parents, and enabling seamless communication among its stake-holders, Honeycomb is a user-friendly platform which not only allows a smooth flow of information, but also networking within the organization. Industry Standards: Honeycomb suite is fully compliant with all existing affiliating board directives. The system allows users to quickly produce reports conforming to the board formats.

User Friendly

Honeycomb screens are self-explanatory data flow is evident. Any new user can quickly learn to use this versatile software. We also provide a detailed user manual for quick reference.


The requirements and work process will differ with each school and Honeycomb offers limitless customization to suite your every need.

Highly Secure

Secure data management and retrieval. Data can only be accessed by authorized personnel using a unique id and encrypted password

Affordable Pricing

Honeycomb offers one of the lowest Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) and highest Return on Investment (ROI) for enterprise software in the Education sector. Our solutions and services will be affordable for schools of any magnitude.

Graphical and Custom Reports

Reports are generated in multiple formats like adobe PDF and Microsoft Excel. Reports can also be sent directly to the printer. graphical representation of reports can be generated for easy understanding and comparison. Schools can also request for customized reports to be generated.


Honeycomb is totally scalable to match the level of growth of the school, and grow to aptly support it in number of installations and product features.

Customer Support

Skool offers 24/7 customer support to its clients. An expert team of professionals are always on call to solve all your problems as they arise.

Wide Range of Services

We offer installation, support, customization, implementation, integration, hosting and training services. It is an end-to–end solution to all your school administration problems.

EKo Modules

This 24 – module software suite enables campuses, regardless of their size to

Significantly improve performance   |   Seamlessly integrate Web services into heterogeneous application environments   |   Enjoy a broad choice of technology infrastructure

Admittance Management

Admission management system

Scholar Monitor

Student Information System

Workforce Governor

Staff Information System

Fee Administrator

Fee Management System

Student Examiner

Examination Management System

Attendance Tracker

Attendance Management System

Cyber Campus

Web Management System

Reach Alerts

SMS Alerts System

Payroll Wizard

Payroll Management System

Scheduler Protocol

Time Table Management System

Library Genie

Library Automation System

Accounting Pro

Financial Accounting System

Inventory Master

Inventory Management System

Hostel Supervisor

Hostel Management System

Cafeteria Master

Cafeteria Management System

Front Office

Front Office Management System

File Manager

File Management System

Event Manager

Event Management System

Medical Care

Medical Care System

Discipline Management

Discipline Management System

Bus Router

Conveyance Management System

Workforce Monitor

Staff Evaluation System

Alumni Sleuth

Alumni Management System

Placement Assistant

Placement Management System

Advantages & Benefits

Effective student record systems use computer technology to maintain longitudinal information concerning individual students served within an education system. Student records are usually viewed as work produced for the education paperwork. However, a well-designed student record system, whether or not using paper documents or machine-driven systems, yields several edges. The foremost vital of those is that the ability to report information for higher cognitive process about individual students, schools, programs, and school districts.
A second profit, notably with machine-driven systems, is efficiency in process and exchanging student records among colleges. When student records are further into an overall management data system that includes data on staff, materials, and budgeting for faculty or school district, a lot of management activities are often accomplished and potency is improved. Student record systems, thus, play a key role within the overall functioning of the education system.
Over the last couple of years, quite a lot of technical advancements have come up in the field of Educational industry. The Management and the teachers are equally thrilled about implementing a school/ college management software solution in their campus. A school management solution is used by millions of end users worldwide mainly for carrying out various tasks. The basic idea is to serve or rather provide all sorts of administrative information pertaining to a school/college at a single click of a button. The use of the solution will certainly improve the overall efficiency of the organization and will eliminate all sorts of manual errors and ignorance.
While implementing a school/college management software solution it is important for one to be very careful. One of the main areas of expertise should be in maintaining and electronic record of the student database. In a normal school/college these data are being stored in a traditional system which is generally in a hard copy format. This is prone to a lot of damage and can distort the information. An electronic roll book will take a very little time in entering the data and at the same time updating it when compared to a traditional one. One of the best feature of a school/college management software solution is that the database that is being entered is going to be there available anytime. As in details of particular student could be maintained more systematically with the help of this solution.
Another highlight of having an electronic roll book is that the student grading could be done by the teachers easily. The reports regarding an individual student could be generated in a fraction of a second. Thus, a school can create a seamless flow of student information with the help of having an Electronic roll book of student database in their school/college management solution.

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