Barber cuts hair with Samurai swords and fire in Spain

What do you get when you cross Edward Scissorhands with a mini blowtorch and add in some interpretive dance skills?

Well, besides a rather impressive display of pyrotechnics, you've got yourself ... Alberto Olmedo. He's a real barber who owns a real hair salon in Madrid. And yes, he really does cut hair with samurai swords and fire and Wolverine-esque scissor tools.

As for the people in the barber chair? From the looks of it, they're cool with the whole Jack-Sparrow-meets-Demon-Barber-of-Fleet-Street thing. Perhaps they're reassured by the soothing sounds of Nicki Minaj, Kanye West and Ne-Yo that fill the salon and help bring the whole routine back to the 21st century.

Plus, split ends got nothin' on fire swords.

"It's a bit medieval," Olmedo admits in another video posted by AJ+. Still, he swears by his method, stating that it's the only way to get "positive results." Other hairdresses cut one side at a time, he declares, but as any sword-wielding hair guru knows, "the only way to do it in an exact mathematical way is to cut both sides simultaneously."