Hrithik Roshan-Kangana Ranaut spat: Lawyer takes a dig, asks Hrithik to justify their LEAKED cozy picture!

In the past few days emails of Kangana Ranaut send to Hrithik’s official ID has been making rounds of news.

The legal war between Kangana Ranaut  & Hrithik Roshan is showing no signs of end. The Krissh 3actors have no plans to bury their hatchet any time soon. While Hrithik has maintained that he had no relationship other than a professional one with Kangana, this latest picture of the actors gives a new twist to the whole story. 

In the past few days emails of Kangana Ranaut send to Hrithik’s official ID has been making rounds of news. The conversations show that the Queen actress has been mailing her Krissh 3 co-star and there has been no response from his side, whatsoever. The emails confirm that Kangana was in a one-way relationship with the actor.  However, Kangana’s lawyer had spoken in support of the emails that it is not advisable to consider emails sent to the actor after May 2014 since her account was hacked then.

Rizwaan Siddiqui, Kangana’s lawyer has now taken a dig at Hrithik by asking him how he would justify the image of the couple making rounds of internet. The leaked image shows Kangana & Hrithik cozying together. Hrithik is hugging the actress from behind and is trying to snuggle up with her. Well, this gesture doesn’t look like any professional association between the actors. News has it that the picture is from the wrap up party of Krissh 3

Bollywoodlife had quoted Kangana’s lawyer in regards to the picture. He said, “You are talking about the picture in the party where he is holding her. I am surprised at how he is holding her, when he doesn’t even know her socially, as that’s what he mentioned in the notice. Let Hrithik answer that. Toh yeh photo kaha se aaya, raksha bandhan ke din ka lagta hai yeh, rakhi bandhwaane aaya tha lagta hai.” 

Since Hrithik has made it clear that he has no social association with Kangana except related to his work. How would someone having a professional bond end up in such pose any time? Isn’t this image contradicting Hrithik’s statements? Earlier Mumbai Mirror had carried a story on Kangana & Hrithik’s love story wherein a close friend of the actress has revealed Hrithik had proposed Kangana in Paris. But soon after reports of Hrithik not visiting the country on the mentioned date cropped now.

Now, we wonder what justification the bollywood actor will have for this viral image.