Try these healthy citrus salads this summer

When you’re losing fluids rapidly in the summer, your system needs a quick and constant supply of sugar and salt to beat dehydration.

When you’re losing fluids rapidly in the summer, your system needs a quick and constant supply of sugar and salt to beat dehydration. Most nutrition experts have lauded the benefits of eating whole fruits than drinking juices, and what better fruits to boost your Vitamin C levels even as you cool off than citrus fruits. 

Here are three easy recipes for citrus salads that you can make this summer.

Almond Citrus Couscous

Almond Citrus Couscous


 1 cup – Veg Stock

 1 cup – Couscous

 1 tbsp – Parsley 

3 gm – Red Pepper Flakes 

1 – Lemon (grated) for lemon zest

 ½ cup – Slivered Almonds (Toasted)

1/2 cup – Celery 

1/3 cup – Chopped onion

 ½ cup – Chopped tomatoes 

1 tbsp – Olive Oil Salt to taste Pepper to taste 


 *Bring the stock to a boil in a saucepan, reduce heat to medium-low, and stir in the parsley, red pepper flakes

*Pour in the couscous, stir to combine, and simmer until tender, about 3-4 minutes 

*Cover and remove from heat. Let cool. Drain off any excess remaining liquid

 *Place the cooled couscous in a salad bowl, and lightly combine with lemon zest, almonds, celery, onion, tomato, and olive oil

 *Season to taste with salt and black pepper before refrigerating until cold, at least 1 hour 

Citric Prawns Salad

Citric Prawns Salad


 5 – Figs (peeled) 

4 – Prawn 

250 ml – Red wine 

1 bunch – Assorted lettuce/lollo rosso/rocket/baby spinach/aragula 

4 – Asparagus tips 

250 ml – Fresh orange juice Salt to taste Pepper to taste 

20 gm – Pomegranate

30 ml -Olive oil

 2 – Lemon 


*Reduce red wine and orange juice to a thick consistency over medium heat adding the rind of orange for a fine glaze

 *While reducing, blanch figs in the boiling liquid mixture and remove when they are done and keep them separate 

*In a pan, blanch the prawns in water flavoured with lemon juice and salt, remove and keep aside

 *Make a dressing with olive oil, lemon juice, orange zest, lemon zest, salt, pepper,emulsifying these ingredients together gently

 *While plating, pour the dressing, drizzle the reduction and serve chilled 

Roasted Beetroot and Lemon Segment Salad

Roasted Beetroot and Lemon Segment Salad


2 – Beetroot roasted in the oven 

1 – Sweet lime 

1 – Orange

 1 bunch – Lettuce leaves or salad leaves 

1 tbsp – Roasted sesame seeds 

For dressing

 Juice of 4 oranges 

Juice of 1 beetroot 

Salt taste 

5 gm – Sugar 

1 – Lemon 

30 ml – Olive oil


 *Roast beetroot in the oven by wrapping it with silver foil, with sugar in it, under moderate heat

*Remove and cool it down

 *Slice out the segments of sweet lime and orange, and keep them separate

 *Reduce orange and beetroot juice on moderate flame, remove and keep it separate to cool, add salt sugar and lemon juice, stir to mix them. 

*Make dressing with lemon juice, reduced orange and beetroot juice, salt, sugar and olive oil, stirring them vigorously to a emulsified mixture